Black Fuckbook Tip: Figure Out If She’s a Hookup Match BEFORE You Meet

black fuckbook dating tip

Mainstream dating is ripe with complications and annoyances. It’s why you are on Black Fuckbook. You want an adult online dating experience that relieves you of many mainstream dating burdens.

But Black Fuckbook isn’t without some complications itself. You still need to figure out if the black girl you are chatting with is the right hookup for you. Clearly, both of your standards are lower seeing neither of you should be aiming for marriage.

But you should still figure out if the black girl you are chatting with is right for you. So I’m here to help.

You’re happily chatting away with a black single girl you met on Black Fuckbook. Life is good. But then you ask, is this girl the right match for my needs?

Let’s see.

Does She Talk About Your Whiteness Too Much?

You’re white, she’s black. We get it. That’s what our entire site is about – matching white dudes and black girls up for epic one night stands.

But if she can’t talk about anything but your whiteness, she might be fetishizing you. This is fine if her talk feels action-oriented. In other words, she wants to definitely bang you. But if she’s not indicating she wants to ever meet, she may be just touring white dudes to fulfill a curiosity she never intends to fulfill.

Does She Indicate That Discretion Is Important?

If she doesn’t care about discretion, she probably doesn’t care to meet you. Few black girls sign up to Black Fuckbook and want to publically date someone, at least at first. Almost all have reasons for wanting to achieve hookup discretion.

For some girls, they don’t want to gain a reputation as promiscuous. For others, they might be married or have a boyfriend and are looking to play and experiment sexually.

In any case, the black girl you’re chatting with should raise concerns over discretion at some point if she has any authentic intent to meet you.

Does She Request Normal Pictures Of You?

Could you put away the dick pics for a second?

There. Thanks.

A girl who really wants to bang will likely ask for normal pictures of you. You know, the pictures of you out at dinner, or dressed up for some work event. They want to see WHO they will really meet and eventually fuck.

And you should request the same. You want to get a peek into the life of the girl you will meet and fuck. You can start to assess some sort of chemistry.

Is She Into The Same Sexual Things You Are?

You might be into fetishes. She might be into fetishes. Do those fetishes match up enough to meet?

Maybe you are both into more conservative sexual encounters. That’s fine also, but there remains a mental chemistry match. Are you more of a submissive white guy? If so, does she come off as a strong, bold, dominant black woman? You’ll need that.

Sexual chemistry is of the utmost importance on an adult online dating site. Without sexual chemistry, the meet and fuck will become the meet and dud.

You can’t fully understand sexual chemistry without having sex. But you can learn a bit more about the person prior to the sexual experience. You don’t learn sexual chemistry when you exchange nudes, you learn it by talking about sex. Ask what she liked in other Black Fuckbook hookups. Tell her the experiences you’ve enjoyed and compare against the ones that weren’t so hot.

This can help avoid time waste. Who wants to waste time? That’s what mainstream dating sites are for.

In the end, you want to make sure the black single you meet on Black Fuckbook is right for you. You can’t fully vet anyone over chat or phone. But you can do a number of things, much of which I listed above, to help reduce the potential for a mismatch.

Do a little work early and reap the benefits later.