How Negativity Takes a Toll On Your Dating Life

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Some people are just negative about everything. Negativity becomes a habit for some. For others, they’ve encountered some hard times. No matter which is the case, negativity crushes a dating vibe. No sexy black single girl wants to have her mood smoldered in toxic ashes.

Let’s look at why negative attitudes are bad and how to fix them.

A negative attitude means you’re always complaining about life. You tend to focus on only the bad things in your personal ecosystem.

For example, if you have a food allergy, you only focus on that.

“I can’t eat gluten, this menu has so much gluten on it.”

But in reality, you could focus on the positives. Focus on what you can eat and how good it is. Or how your food allergy is a blessing that’s lead to weight loss.

Negative people living in an entirely different universe from positive people.

Here’s how negativity ruins your hookup chances.

You Alienate Yourself

When you are constantly negative, you isolate yourself as someone who can’t find their way. You appear as someone who doesn’t operate well with others.

This makes sense when you think about things. If you are constantly complaining about everything around you, you certainly give off a pretty isolationist vibe.

You may feel all your negativity is warranted and justified, but at some point, it becomes you.

Girls Don’t Want a Toxic Guy

There is nothing attractive about a guy who turns everything he touches into a toxic dumpster fire. Because in the end, she knows eventually, you’ll create a toxic relationship with her.

You Give Off That Drama Vibe

Single black girls on a hookup site are there in part because they are done with the drama. They don’t want an overemotional complainer type guy. They don’t desire games and manipulation.

A negative persona shouts drama from the rafters. She’ll run for the hills.

Drama is the absolute worst dating vibe crusher.

How To Fix a Negative Attitude

So you’ve read through some of the above factors and have decided that you’re a bit negative. And this negativity may well be ruining your dating life.

Here are some tips to change for the better.

Focus On Positive Attributes When a Negative Situation Arises

Look, negative life events happen. Sometimes, your car gets dinged. Sometimes, a cashier is super rude to you. When it comes to negative trifles, its OK to relay what happened during your day, but always inject some positive side narrative.

“A guy dinged by car, but, he was so nice and left a note, so everything will be OK.”

This comes off with a more positive vibe. It sounds as though you look for the good in life even during a slightly bad time.

Audit Your Conversation Topics

Consider the topics you are about to discuss.

Are they energy drains?

Are you about to bring up a dreary news story?

Stop yourself by auditing your topics. Ask yourself, are my conversation points negative or positive? Will they give off a sexy vibe?

You can fix a lot of negativity by filtering it out before it ever occurs.

Sure, Black Fuckbook is a hookup site and the vibe is more geared towards sex. But negative people have a more difficult time getting laid. Its important to understand that chemistry is what leads to sex. If you’re a toxic energy drain, she’s not gonna want to hookup.