Why Interracial Couples Should Be Talking About Race More (Not Less)

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Interracial couples, whether the stable-marriage types or the hookup variety, should be talking about racial issues more often. While this point should feel obvious, there’s a counterculture argument against it, particularly in the hook up world.

Many Black Fuckbook women believe that their white counterparts feel its best to not infuse politics into the relations.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s why:

For many interracial couples, political talk feels daunting, triggering, and unsettling. Its not that both people don’t agree on the basics, its more that the subject can be depressing and a white male might not feel the extent of pain and disenfranchisement his counterpart does.

And this often leads to frustration.

So, conversations are tabled.

This is more true when it comes to interracial hookup dating. Let’s be honest, people who meet on Black Fuckbook aren’t usually looking for a long-term relationship. No one’s bringing anyone home to meet mom and dad. So therefore, why tread into rough sociopolitical waters?

Just Because You’re Hooking Up Doesn’t Mean Racial Tension Doesn’t Exist


The differences between a hookup and a relationship are mostly obvious. At least, when taken at face value.

Sure, there’s no reason to dive into every nook and cranny of someone’s life when you’re just engaging in NSA sex. But racial issues aren’t just any issue. Race relations apply equally to hookup scenarios and long-term relationships.

Now, clearly, you don’t want to immediately start asking questions about race when you meet for coffee. No reason to drag the mood down.

But when the hookup goes on (not hours, but weeks), you begin to establish a repoire. And within such interpersonal chemistry exist the reality of the world. You’re an interracial hookup couple. And one of you likely often feels discriminated against, or judged, or unequal.

As the white guy, you’re probably a passive non-racist. This means you by all means aren’t racist, but you aren’t vocal regarding it. You may even feel some racism coverage is over-hype.

By having authentic conversations with your partner, you’ll learn better. And this in turn can improve your overall communication with your partner which, yes, improves sex as a by product.

Some Girls May Use a Hookup Site For Discreet Interracial Dating

Wait, isn’t that obvious?

Kind of.

Allow me to continue.

Of course, many folks use hookup dating sites because they desire a discreet experience. Some might be in bad marriages they are unable to cut ties with for various reasons. Others may not want their friends and family knowing they have a sexy wild side.

But in interracial hookup dating, we find that some black girls simply want to hide their desire to get with white guys.

So in reality, the girl you are hooking up with may have race issues as her main reasoning for meeting you on Black Fuckbook. This means that race relations is a priority issue to her. And thus, you’re candid acknowledgement of her struggle may be essential.

In hookup dating, it can often feel as though racial issues don’t exist. But that’s not true. Instead, the issues do exist, they just been swept under the rug for our own convenience.

Hooking up requires chemistry and not just physical. So sure, you don’t need to know everything about the person’s family tree, but understanding they have empathy for social justice is important.