With Winter Approaching, Singles Are Looking To Cozy Up

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For some, an upcoming winter brings on a little seasonal depression. Those long dark cold days prompt some of us to feel downright beat. That’s certainly not the case for others who enjoy winter weather (weird, yeah, I know!). One part of winter’s seasonal depression can’t be denied: Its our dating lives. All the sexy fun exits once summer winds down. And that can bring on a feeling of despair.

The good news is, Black Fuckbook has you all covered. With winter approaching, many singles find themselves bored and sign up for dating sites as a result.

Are you ready to take advantage?

How To Take Advantage of The Winter Cuffing Season

A lot of people merely accept winter’s sex-deprevation wrath in an uncontended manner.

But why?

The shorter days, cold weather, and often snow covered walkways tend to signal a time for coupling. There’s this idea that singles play the field in summer, then begin to bed down in fall, with an end result of holiday coupling. Some call this “cuffing season.”


According to statistics, cuffing season ends around June.

I’d be remiss to suggest that the winter sex slump, or cuffing season, was a big myth. So I won’t.

Instead, I’ll tell you, many singles avoid coupling during the winter.

Instead, they opt to just chill through the holidays, coming out of their shell around New Year’s Eve.

The inner-workings of Black Fuckbook, which tends to increase signups during winter, suggest that many folks do indeed search for flings during the cold season.

But how many more would follow this behavior if they only understood how many others dig winter hookups?

Probably, lots.

One of the biggest influencers of a winter slump is your attitude and perception. If you give energy to the idea that girls or guys avoid hooking up in the winter, you’ll experience a slump. But when you look towards dating positivity, you’ll reap the rewards.

Like anything you do in life, your attitude and how you react to things fuels what results. The more positivity you put out into the world, the more that returns towards you.

Signing up for Black Fuckbook is free. Because of this, lonely singles tend to take a chance on injecting a little fun into those longer dark nights.

Sure, cuffing is a real thing. That’s fairly obvious. But cuffing does not reflect the entire picture. Not even close.

When the weather cools down and those holidays approach, stop concluding that you need to “wait it out” before getting laid again. And don’t think you need to settle for a girl or guy that’s not right for you just because you fear cuffing season.

Instead, take action. Sign up for a free adult dating site. Begin browsing local singles in your area. You’ll likely be astounded by how many new faces pop up each day. As the colder air pushes in, more local singles sign up and look to cut through the dating boredom. This effect even occurrs during Christmas time.

To be clear, you probably aren’t going to bring your adult online dating companion to Christmas dinner seeing you both just met. But you’ll likely have a little fun on Christmas eve, or even Christmas night, after all the family hoopla winds down.

So put on that smile and bring the charm. Stay positive. This may be your best winter singles season ever.