Your Black Fuckbook 2021 Guide To Resolutions

black fuckbook 2021 hookup guide

The new year is upon us all. And thankfully so, given how awful 2020 treated us. Now is a time for optimism and hope. At Black Fuckbook, we want to help you usher in the new year with a bang (and probably a blowjob to boot).

Here are some solid New Year’s resolutions to help you not squander the incoming 2021.

I will be more active on Black Fuckbook

If you want to get laid by sexy ebony singles, waiting in the wings won’t cut it. You must take initiative and actively seek out hookup opportunities. That’s the golden rule for any adult dating website, particularly Black Fuckbook.

By active, this doesn’t mean that you need to spend hours daily messaging black singles. Quite the opposite. A major benefit to adult dating apps is that you don’t have to spend tons of time and energy on them. However, consistent, daily use helps ramp up your chances at landing the sex of a lifetime.

This means dedicating 15 minutes a day to your Black Fuckbook account. And that doesn’t always mean messaging. For example, maybe on Tuesday nights you read over your bio information and make sure it’s up to snuff. Add new tidbits to your blog.

Maybe on Mondays, that’s when you browse and send a message or two (not mass templates). Look for appropriate opportunities and let them know you are interested.

It’s all about being active, but time-efficient.

I will keep my profile up-to-date

Keeping your profile up to date with relevant information helps you attract hotties. It also helps you rank higher in the local searches that hot single black girls use. This is because updated profiles suggest an active user and active users are a more rewarding experience for all involved.

This isn’t Facebook, you don’t need to update your bio with pics of all your meals and vacations and cats. It’s more about just making sure the information is polished and relevant. Describing what type of date you desire helps. Do you prefer to meet at a coffee shop as part of your due diligence?

Making sure to convey your adherence to safety precautions helps girls trust you more. Girls don’t want a guy who rushes them. Sure, you can easily achieve a meet and fuck in a day’s worth of time, but you likely will need some semblance of a due diligence strategy.

I will move on when I’m ghosted

You’ll stop hanging on to negative energy. Being ghosted is a part of both mainstream dating and adult dating. It’s just par for the course.

What’s important is how you react to being ghosted. There are ways to help avoid being ghosted, but in the end, you need to learn to move on in short order. Because ultimately, you end up churning away at time better used for finding a sexy black hookup.

I will expand my zip code

Why not branch out a little and meet some girls that aren’t living within 5 miles of you?

I get it. Maybe transportation is an issue. But here’s the thing, if you find the right girl, you’ll both figure out a way to meet and fuck. Don’t overthink things. Find the opportunities and then figure out logistics afterward.

Expanding your zip code can immediately spice up your local hookup search results.

I will keep a positive attitude as much as I can

Who wants to hang with a negative Nancy?

If your bio is negative in tone, or your chat messages are downtrodden, you’ll convey a depressing energy and that’s a turn-off.

If your bio reads “be serious, been burned too many times,” what hot black girl is going to bite? No girl wants to blow a guy who complains and moans about life.

Use these tips throughout 2021 and watch as your hookup opportunities increase over time. It’s the small daily things that amount to the big results. Keep grinding and create your own luck.