Ebony Hookup Basics: A White Men Can’t Hump Guide

ebony hookup basics

Being a white man attracted to sexy black singles can amount to stress. Unfortunately, cultural divisions often prevent good people from meeting due to frivolous human attributes. That’s life, though, as they say.

Today in our ebony hookup basics, we look at ways that white men can improve their chances of hooking up with sexy black women.

Don’t Talk Too Much About Skin Color

Whether it’s your whiteness or her blackness, keep all that chatter to a minimum. Well, unless she seems driven to have that discussion.

Hookup sites, no matter who they are geared for, are often used as an escape from a stressful life. When you bring up racial issues or even go down that road, you might turn the environment into stress. And typically, no one wants that.

Given your on Black Fuckbook, it is fairly obvious you are comfortable hooking up with single black girls. No need to prove yourself in such a capacity.

Now, maybe she wants to discuss it, or has questions. Maybe it’s her first time. That’s OK, roll with it. Just don’t force the discussion or carry on beyond what’s necessary.

You two are trying to figure out if you have sexual chemistry, not solve cultural world issues.

Focus On Building Up Your Stock With Her

Don’t think that just because she wants to talk or meet for a coffee that you’ve sealed the deal. Being a white guy fantasy to her isn’t enough. There are lots of white dudes messaging her, she selected to meet up with you because you stand out. But that’s only a start. If you take this opportunity for granted, you’ll fail to strike the chemistry match. And then it all fades away.

When you meet or talk for the first time, you do so off of fresh momentum. If you show yourself as a dud, the momentum swings against you and she go back to searching for someone with more energy, sex appeal, etc.

Show that you are willing to work for her, but also remain confident. Don’t constantly harp on “I can’t believe you are giving me a chance.” Being a little humble can be a great and sexy thing. But too much of it makes her question why you see your stock as so low. It plants a seed of doubt in her mind.

Don’t Take Everything Personal

So she didn’t message you back one night. Or maybe she told you she’s too busy to meet on Saturday.

Stop taking everything personally. Don’t overreact. Because when you do, you seem a little too involved to be her sexy fling.

Digital communication often gets misread. Not everyone is a prolific communicator over messaging devices nor is everyone a super genius when it comes to interpreting messages. Miscommunications happen all the time. Maybe she was short with you because she was busy with work and she thought nothing of it. When you blast off on her about how hurt you are, you probably seem weird to her.

By following some simple Ebony hookup basics you increase your odds of landing that fantasy erotic experience. It doesn’t take that much work, just some attention to small details.