To Mask or Not Mask on Your First Ebony Hookup

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Things are changing out there. In many states, we are seeing fewer masks than we’ve grown accustomed to over the past year. This is largely due to the CDC’s new guidelines that say COVID-19 fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear a mask in most scenarios.

But should YOU wear a mask on that first ebony date?

To answer that question, it’s important that we get a feel for the entire vibe.

Masks Made People Feel Safe

I think we understand that a lot of people didn’t enjoy wearing masks. And of those, many people didn’t believe in wearing masks. But those folks aside, a lot of people wore masks to protect themselves and others from contracting COVID-19. And therein lies the core issue.

Masks made a lot of people feel safe. And that means many people will be reluctant to give them up, including in our black singles hookup world. That may feel absurd to you, but you have to consider the trauma we’ve all experienced over the past year. By doing so, you develop an understanding and possibly an empathy for the situation.

What all this translates to is a group of people who may want to continue wearing masks even in light of the CDC’s new guidelines. The black single you meet at Starbucks may not care that Starbucks doesn’t require vaccinated people to wear masks. They may remain fragile, or have other reasons for wanting to continue to do so.

Your First Black Singles Hookup Meeting – Do I Mask?

Now that we understand why someone may want to continue wearing a mask even if they are vaccinated against COVID-19, let’s look at how we might proceed for a first meet and greet.

When you meet someone on Black Fuckbook, you usually chat for a bit. Then maybe things progress to a phone call. The next possible move prior to a full-fledged hookup is a meet and greet. This is done to help create another layer of safety for both parties and hopefully establish more synergy.

So should you wear a mask?

To break this down, we initially must consider communication. Communication is at the center of all things hookup-oriented. And that’s no different with mask.

If state ordinances and the private business you plan to meet your black single at allows for vaccinated people to unmask, you’re suddenly in a quandary.

This is tricky territory because asking if someone got the vaccine is a bit personal and a lot awkward.

The best way to handle it is as follows:

“Hey, I’m vaccinated against COVID and would typically not wear a mask. Is this OK with you? If not, I can wear one.”

Problem solved. You asked if they are vaccinated without asking. You put forth what YOU WANT TO DO without giving an ultimatum.

But What If I Only Want To Date Vaccinated Ebony Singles?

That’s OK also.

You need to do you.

You need to protect yourself.

If you are vaccinated yet still uncomfortable around an unvaccinated person, it’s best to be upfront about your feelings. You can do so without being rude. But in this case, you most certainly do have to ask the personal question.

COVID-19 is now one more personal safety and decorum we must concern ourselves in the world of adult hookup dating. It’s not a big deal unless you make it one. In the end, let’s just be happy this mess is winding down and we can get back to our ebony hookup fun.