How To Date a Strong Black Woman And Get Laid

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You’re reading Black Fuckbook’s dating guides because you love black women. But it’s possible that you are new to dating them; hence, you’ve signed up for Black Fuckbook in hopes of finding sexy single ebony women in your area.

If you are a newbie, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by how to proceed on a first date. You’ll easily meet black single girls on Black Fuckbook. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could blow your opportunity at mindblowing sex.

Many black women possess strong, bold personalities.

They are vibrant and dominant.

Many of the men who date them enjoy taking on submissive roles.

So what can you do to increase your chances at landing an amazing sexual experience.

Don’t Be a Fraud

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Don’t try to play a black woman, she’ll snuff that right out.

Sure, you want to impress her. But don’t be braggadocious and certainly don’t lie about yourself.

When you meet a girl on Black Fuckbook, it’s unlikely you need to impress them with how much money you make, or the car you drive. They are looking for a hookup experience no different than you.

Be yourself and remember, you don’t need to impress her with material goods. She wants to connect with you and become comfortable with you.

Don’t Completely Lay Down…

date black women

Yes, black women are strong-willed. It’s why we love them. And it turns us on if we are speaking honestly.

There is a time to let her be the dominant personality, but sometimes, you need to stand your ground.

She isn’t going to respect you if you coddle her every opinion.

It’s a delicate balance, but the best approach is to be yourself. If she is religious and you aren’t, don’t pretend you are religious. You don’t need to have a combative conversation over religion, that’s not the point. But don’t vanquish who you are at every conversational turn. She will lose respect for you. While black women love submissives, they don’t want weak guys.

They are turned on by a man who they can see taking control and fucking them.

Don’t Be Depressing

date black women

Black women love action and positivity, not downtrodden personalities.

No black woman wants to hear about your past failed relationships. Don’t bring that shit to the table.

Focus on the now. Exude positivity over being out with her. Don’t create self-fulfilling prophecies.

Why would a sexy black girl want to fuck a depressing Joe?

They wouldn’t.

So don’t be one.

Be Expressive

Black women are expressive. So they enjoy the personality trait in the men they want to have sex with.

Don’t hide your emotions, put your feelings out there. If you like her, tell her.

Worship her beauty.

Kiss the ground she walks on.

If you aren’t a passive guy that’s weak, she will love that you express how much you dig her and how bad you want to get with her. Remember, that’s why she joined Black Fuckbook also.

Don’t Sweat Your Dick Size

date black women

If you are a white dude, you’ve probably heard that black guys carry a large pipe in their jeans.

It’s relatively true.

So that causes you to think that the sexy ebony you met on Black Fuckbook expects that from you.

She doesn’t.

She’s down with the white dick, otherwise she wouldn’t be chatting with you.

So don’t even breach the subject. It’s not relevant. And if you are a white dude with a big dick, more power to you, I’m sure she will enjoy it.