How To Pimp Out Your Black Fuckbook Dating Profile

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Your Black Fuckbook dating profile is the first thing sexy ebony girls see. Even if you message them, most of them probably click your profile before reading your message. And all of them view your profile prior to engaging with your message, no matter how well-crafted of a message you sent.

And black single girls looking for white guys aren’t interested in the same old, same old. You need to stand out because the competition is thick. Your message that you hope leads to sex with a hot ebony girl is among many in her inbox.

So again, your profile needs to be up to par. So let’s look at some things you can do to make sure your Black Fuckbook profile is ready to get you some action.

black fuckbook dating profile tips

Honesty Is Your Friend

Be yourself, at least to some degree. I understand that you are looking for discreet sex and part of discretion means not disclosing a ton of personal information.

That’s fair and fine.

But I’m talking about your personality, things that aren’t tied to your personal security.

What type of places do you enjoy meeting for discreet sex? Do you enjoy these places because certain locations, for instance, cheap motels, turn you on? Or do you choose them because they help protect your anonymity in a one-night stand scenario?

Do you drink alcohol? Do you like girls who smoke weed?

Often, even though a hook up site means people connecting based on looks, a girl is looking for something mutually in common. Girls connect with guys for far more reasons than just looks.

If you are honest, maybe you are also funny. Being funny is sexy. You can see where this all leads, can’t you?

I sure hope so.

Keep it real, it’s to your benefit to do so.

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Don’t Focus On Dick Pics

No, Black Fuckbook isn’t a big box dating site that connects people romantically. But that doesn’t give you carte blanche to splatter your genitals all over this Internet space.

For one, sexy ebony girls are interested in more than just what your dick looks like. So when you populate an entire profile with dick pics, they don’t get any insight into what YOU look like.

What’s your body style?

What’s your face like?

Let’s be honest, a dick is a dick. These girls have seen dicks, they are on an adult dating site. Of course, they’ve seen their fair share of cocks.

Don’t fall into the trap no matter how much of a turn on you feel it is. You’ll never get to that next level of the hook up which is what this experience continues to be about.

Keep It Fresh

A profile with old, stale information is a turn-off. It points to someone who probably isn’t active anymore. It’s a bummer for the girl who potentially had an interest in you.

It leads to a distrust of your profile’s images. Are they real? Are they old?

Single ebony girls don’t want a guy who can’t keep up with a basic dating profile. Nor do they prefer the quitters.

Keeping your Black Fuckbook profile fresh shows that you care about how you present yourself. Yes, this is a hookup dating site, but you still need to accomplish the basics if you intend to score.

Picture Lighting Matters

Don’t use crazy filters on your picture. No one wants to see a guy with Avon commercial skin and bunny ears. Come on guys!

But there is nothing wrong with leveraging photographic light. Pictures taken on sunny mornings and evenings tend to be less harsh and help your skin glow. It’s a natural way to appear warmer. It shows the real you!

It can even improve your dick pics. I’m kidding, don’t do that, super weird.

Use a Spell Check

Look, a few grammar mistakes aren’t likely to crush your chances. But no girl wants to hook up with a complete nim-rod. Grammar and spell checkers are easy. Many are built into your browser. If not, use Google Drive documents, it is free! Microsoft Word can help as well.

There are many options that can help make your adult dating profile not look like it was written by a dummy.


Your dating profile matters. No matter how sexy and charming your message may be, a girl is going to click on your profile to determine if you are worth her time. If your profile is stale, full of dick pics, or disingenuous, you probably wasted your time crafting that original message.

It doesn’t take a ton of time to give love to your Black Fuckbook profile.