Black Dating Tips: How To Avoid Being Ghosted

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For most guys, being ghosted is one of the most annoying parts of dating in general. In online dating, ghosting occurs in a more easy, seamless way. Let’s face it if she decides to ghost you, even if inadvertent, it’s pretty easy when using an anonymous, discreet adult dating site. Black Fuckbook allows adults to hook up without divulging too much personal information. Consequently, this breeds ghosting opportunities.

If you use adult dating sites, you’ll get ghosted eventually. It happens from time to time to us all. But it tends to happen to some guys more than others.

Today, we break down how you can avoid being ghosted (or at least, cut down on these instances).

First off, let’s really dive into what ghosting is.

What Is Ghosting?

At the basic level, when a girl (or guy) abruptly shuts off communications with no reason given, that’s ghosting. Now, just if you meet a girl online and have a few decent conversations and she stops replying, that’s not necessarily ghosting.

A prerequisite of ghosting is that the communications carry dating momentum. Maybe you’ve never hooked up, but your conversations at least are going well. You have exciting, fun, maybe even sexy conversations. You talk about how you can’t wait to see one another. And then maybe you even hook up.

And suddenly, she’s gone.

Like she never existed.

You end up struggling to reconcile her vanishing. You send her long messages that put forth your utter shock and confusion. Sometimes, you explain that you’re worried, other times, that you’re confused and maybe even irritated.

But you’re chasing a ghost.

She’s gone.

And most likely, you’ll never gain any clarity or insight into why she vanished.

This leaves you feeling insecure. Did you do something specific? Did she meet someone more attractive than yourself? Did you offend her unwittingly?

Being ghosted means you didn’t get any closure. And you’re left to wonder what went wrong.

So why do some guys get ghosted more than others?

Black Fuckbook Tips: How Not To Get Ghosted

By looking at the types of guys who are ghosted more frequently, we can gain an understanding of how we avoid the infamous ghosting.

The Guy Comes On Too Strong

You are both feeling that hookup vibe. You have everything in common. She’s the black queen you’ve always wanted to hook up with. You talk about big plans.

She’s super into everything.

But is she?

Sometimes our emotions cloud our reality of a situation. She may only be partaking in due diligence to figure out if you’re the right guy. All the while, you’re balls deep in her every crevice. She begins to feel you want more than just a hookup. So she flees the scene.

The most important part of Black Fuckbook dating is keeping your composure in the early stages. Allow the process to play out without forcing it.

That doesn’t mean you strip yourself of energy and excitement. But maybe, avoid making it seem like “she’s the one.” Don’t say things like, “I’m glad we finally met, I’ve struggled meeting the right girl for so long.”

While she may seem to be energetic during these conversations, she may suddenly feel overwhelmed and in too deep.

Leave Some Mystery

Guys who get ghosted on Black Fuckbook, or any dating site, often leave no mystery. Sexual attraction is rooted in the enigmatic experience. Its why adult dating sites thrive. Anonymous sex is hot.

You don’t need to be an open book. Remember, you’re trying to get laid by a hot black girl. Relax.

Of course, safety is a priority so you shouldn’t be a closed book. But allow her to get to know you in layers so that she’s always coming back for more.

You’re TOO Available

If every time she messages you respond within seconds, she may get the idea that you’re desperate.

I know, this feels like I’m asking you to play games. And maybe I am.

But in the end, a girl doesn’t want to think she’s communicating with a desperate loser. If you have a life at all, you probably can’t always be at the ready to respond to her every message.

What Happens When You Are Ghosted?

When ghosting happens, you can make it worse.

Don’t send a ton of long, emotional messages. That’s going to dig the ghosting hole deeper and deeper. If you’ve sent a couple of messages and they’ve gone unanswered, or she flat out failed to show up for a hookup, move on.

If she comes back, you can decide then what to do.

But if you keep reaching out and indicating you’re upset, you might reinforce why she ghosted you in the first place.