How To Stop Being Rejected By Sexy Black Single Girls

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Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow for all of us. In adult dating, and even on Black Fuckbook, rejection is a notable part of the process. But for most, rejection by sexy black single girls is a way more limited experience here than in the mainstream world. That’s because, on Black Fuckbook, single girls are prequalified with their desire to hookup.

But nothing is perfect, not even our adult dating app.

And some guys seem to encounter rejection way more than normal.

So why do sexy black girls turn down white guys?

You Treat Black Girls Like a Fetish

If you constantly talk about how she’s black, or how you’ve never hooked up with a black girl, or how black girls are this or that, she may feel you view her as a fetish.

This is a complicated area. The fact is, some white guys just don’t get it.

Of course, she wants you to love her blackness. That’s why you are both on Black Fuckbook. But when it’s the only thing you talk about, you objectify her beyond the normal lust. She might not want to feel like a pre-ordered blow-up doll.

Stop including “black” in every communication with girls. It’s obvious you both want interracial sex, you don’t need to pound it with a hammer.

You Try Too Hard

You’re a horny white bro.

We get it. She gets it. It’s why you are here.

But no need to drive it into the ground like a post.

Don’t flirt her out of the building. Stop sending “?” when she doesn’t respond to you after just 15 minutes. Don’t become the desperate bro. When you do that, she may feel like you’re old lunch meat and that no other girl wants you.

This is a massive dating site. Let her at least believe you chat with other sexy black girls. Stop telling her she’s the only one, that’s not why she signed up.

You Don’t Have a Clear Dating Purpose

The lighthearted chatting is fun. Talking about hot sex is even more fun. But endless, pointless chatter that goes on for months starts to feel like time waste, particularly on an adult dating site.

Having a purpose means that at some juncture, you ask to meet up. You grant her whatever due diligence and stipulations she needs to feel safe. And you do the same for yourself. You have ideas in mind, for example, of motels to meet up at.

You have a hookup purpose. You make it clear that you want to get to know here enough to feel safe and make sure sexual chemistry exists, and then, you want to bang.

Girls don’t need endless, mindless chatter. It signals that you are too scared to knock boots with a hot ebony girl. Maybe you are scared you won’t perform up to expectations, or you’ve never had a fling hookup. She’ll guess a million reasons.

Control the narrative with your hookup purpose.

Your Profile Seems Shady

Do you have a caricature for a bio picture? Or a dick pic that’s all over Google images?

Do you post a phone number in your bio?

If you do any of the above, you either appear shady, or are shady.

If its just the appearance of shady, make changes. Fill out your bio with legit interests. Use a real picture even if you don’t want to use your face. Don’t snag one from Google images, most girls are on to that game.

And hey, when you see anyone posting a phone number or shady link in their bio, just report them. That’s not normal. You should never call a number on a bio. Black Fuckbook is about discreet dating, it makes zero sense that someone would post a legit number.

Black girls love white guys on Black Fuckbook. It’s pretty much the entire concept so they wouldn’t be here otherwise. So if you’re getting rejected a little, that’s fair. But if rejection is your entire experience, you’ve got problems and should refer to my list above. Make some changes and you’ll be all good.