Why Black Singles Love Black Fuckbook

black singles white guys

Dating is a complicated business. The founders of Black Fuckbook wanted to create a platform that promotes interracial dating. And it’s worked. Lots of singles sign up for Black Fuckbook daily, but it’s the sexy black singles that are the driving force for our success.

I get the question a lot – why do single black girls sign up for Black Fuckbook?

With mainstream dating sites galore, there are options. But for some reason, sexy black single girls dig our site.

Let’s learn why.

The “I Don’t Date Black Women” Crowd Is Gone

black singles white guys

When our sexy black girls sign up, we ask them why they chose us. I know, that might feel obvious on the exterior, but it isn’t always as intuitive as you might think.

Most black single girls sign up to us because, on mainstream dating sites, they all too often are told “I don’t date black women” by white guys.

White guys have a number of reasons for this. Sometimes, hey, it’s just not their attraction. That’s fair. But other times and more often, they are worried about what their family or friends will think.

For some reason, many white guys still think they will be judged when they walk into the party with a sexy black girl on their arm.

It’s odd. But it is what it is.

So black single girls like the fact that they know the white guys they meet are going to be open to the experience.

Lots Of Black Girls Want To Have Sex With White Guys

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Black girls having sex with white guys is nearly a fetish. Calling it a fetish somewhat marginalizes the white guys, so we try to avoid such verbiage whenever possible. But it’s true.

The thing is, when most white dudes hear that it’s a fetish, they love it. Let’s be honest, horny white dudes just want to have sex with black girls. They don’t care if they are marginalized.

Black Fuckbook helps carve out a path to getting interracial sex on the fly. That’s because neither the guy nor girl needs to worry about whether or not someone wants a hookup.

Sure, you need to figure out what each person is into. For example, some white guys love a good spanking from black girls (seriously, it’s a big thing). Some black girls want a take-charge cock pounder white guy to take care of business.

But neither doesn’t want to hook up. So you know you are at least in bed for a hookup of some sort, the only question is whether or not that hookup is the one you want.

It’s Easier To Use

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Because our platform focuses on black singles meeting white guys, we don’t need the BS frills.

There are no surveys or personality quizzes.

Everyone who joins is close enough to the mark that a few questions and bio will do. Everyone can search for themselves to figure out if someone is right for them. It’s not our place to decide that.

When you join Black Fuckbook, you make a decision to cut the crap and get your hookup on.